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The Benefits of Choosing a Certified Towing Company: A Spotlight on River City Towing in Edmonton

When faced with car trouble or an accident, the last thing you need is additional stress and hassle. To ensure your vehicle is handled safely and efficiently, it’s best to rely on a certified towing company like River City Towing in Edmonton. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of choosing a certified towing […]

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How to Prevent Towing Emergencies

At River City Towing, we understand that towing emergencies can arise at any time. Whether it’s a flat tire, a dead battery, or a collision, we’re here to help. However, we want to ensure our customers are taking the necessary steps to prevent a towing emergency from occurring in the first place. Regular Vehicle Maintenance […]

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Signs You May Need To Pull Over And Call A Tow Truck

When driving, there are certain symptoms or warning signs that require you to pull over and call a towing company. In Edmonton and the surrounding area, River City Towing is a reliable and dedicated towing service that is always on–call to help you out in an emergency. When driving, it is important to be aware […]

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Why you should call a certified lockout service when locked out of your vehicle

If you find yourself in a sticky situation and have locked your keys in your car, it is important to know how to handle the situation. Trying to get into the car yourself may seem like a good idea in the moment, but it can actually cause more harm than good. This is why you […]

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How to Avoid a Vehicle Breakdown This Winter

When you live in Edmonton, a city that is -20°C for several months of the year, you always want to be prepared when you’re on the road. When you’re driving down the Henday, the last thing you want is to end up on the side of the road and need to call a tow truck, […]

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How to Get Your Vehicle Towed Safely

The worst has happened, and you need to call a tow truck to move your vehicle. Luckily, River City Towing is here to help! We can get you a tow 24/7 anywhere in Edmonton and the surrounding area. But before we pick you up, there are a few things that you can do to help […]

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How to Know if You Need a Tow in Edmonton

There are many reasons that you may need a tow truck. If your car breaks down, your car won’t start, you get a flat tire, or you get in a car accident, it’s possible that you may need a tow truck. We’ll cover a few scenarios to explain what course of action to take to […]